The Book Exchange -- Latest Remodel
90 North Pioneer Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520
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Books In A Box

A couple of crows settling in for a night of song and dance.
Banjos and books! Almost as good as books and banjos!.

--Miniature bookshop designed and built by Sarah Laird

After purchasing the store from Cindy in 2014 we started remodeling. We did this in stages so we'd never have to close the store. We finished the major part of the project in May, 2017.

        New Lobby

A view of the lobby with the buying and sales counter on the left.

New Counter And Long Isle

Looking toward the back of the store with the sales ounter on the left. On the immediate right, featured titles, then Literature, History, Health way back there. On the left Drama and an island of Rare books.

Long Isle 2

This and the following pictures are differnt views walking down the isle shown in the previous picture. Note how the shelves on the left stick out more the furhter back you look. This is not an illusion but a product of the store being narrower at the back than at the front. It's also an attempt to make the long isle more visually interesting.

Long Isle 3

Walking further donw the isle toward the rear of the store.

Isle To Back Room

 And further along the same isle showing the back room holding Cookbooks, Architecture, Home, and Gardening. When we bought the store the back room was an office. Moving books into it gave us more flexibility freeing up space in the main part of the store giving us more flexibility in changing the bookcase layout.

Remodeled Lobby

The front lobby looking in the opposite direction from the first lobby picture. The buying counter is on the right and the front door in the corner on the left.

        Pre-Carpet Lit and Genre

Looking toward the back of the store with Literature and Historical Fiction on the left, Mystery and Science Fiction on the right. In many parts of the store, we first installed bookcases, then added carpet. It would have been better to lay the carpet before the bookcases went in, but we could not make that work without closing the store. We're betting that we never have to rearrange these cases. Sarah Laird is our youngest employee, who, in  her spare time, makes custom painted bookmarks for the store.

        Post-Carpet Lit And Genre

And now with the carpet down.

Center Isle

A view down Literature Row through Horror, Romance, and Poetry with the back room in the distance..

Back Lobby to Front
View from the rear lobby to the front of the store.

Loeb Psy Rel

Rear lobby looking to the right with the "Tower Of Loeb," (dual-language Greek and Roman classics) in the foreground. Other sections include Psychology, Eastern Traditions, Religion, Metaphysics.

Back Room And Art

Peaking into the back room with spritiual traditions on the left and Art on the right.

Remodeled Childrens

Entrance to  new Childrens alcove.

Remodeled Art

Art,Mucis, and Craft alcove at the rear of the store. The window looks out onto Will Dodge Way which is really an alley that runs along the south side of the store.

Remodeled Young Adult

Peaking into the new Young Adult with the windo to Will Dodge Way.

Original Location
Cindy's Store
Current Store
            Store Exterior    
             Other Stuff         


update 02-12-15